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After years of working in the cosmetic industry and traveling around the world rock climbing, I created a product that I desperately needed but could not seem to find on the shelves of any shop.  I have extremely sensitive skin and my hands were constantly being bombarded with chemicals like nail polish remover, water and chalk.  This things were stipping my skin of its natural oils and the result was skin that peeled, cracked and tore.  It was very painful and using products like regular hand cream, vaseline or bees waxed based products did very little to truly protect my skin. Sure they would make my skin feel better for a day but the product would wash off or worse the perfumes in them would irritate my skin even more.  I knew I had to come up with a better product made specifically for hard working hands. 


After a few months of research and playing around with a combination of ingredients, I finally came up with a formula that not only worked extremely well but it was also 100% natural.  

Over the course of a few weeks I started sharing my concoction with as many of my climber friends as possible and they liked it.   Sue's Goo was given the name Hand Jam and the rest is history.  

Hand Jam Callus Conditioner, a skin care product made for the toughest hands that require more than regular hand creams can offer.  Hand Jam Callus Conditioner is designed to penetrate and lubricate the skin the way your skins natural oils do.  This product works on the thickest calluses and helps to prevent them from painfully cracking and tearing.  This product was designed for rock climbers but is now used my body builders, gymnasts, mechanics, nurses, gardeners, guitarist and the list keeps growing.  I have been making and selling Hand Jam for over 20 years and clients keep coming back for more.  Once you try you will feel the difference. Your skin will thank you for it!

After the birth of my daughter in 2004, I decided that I wanted to take my career into a new direction. As an avid rock climber I developed a fascination with geology. When I came across a online program to become a gemologist it seemed like a natural transition for me. 


Becoming a gemologist was one of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself.  Through this profession I have met and worked with some truly extraordinary people and traveled to many exciting new places.  In the earlier part of my career I specialized in rough diamonds which brought me to Moroco,The Republic of Guinea, Tanzania, Dubai, London and Paris.

Since the birth of my second child in 2011 I have kept things closer to home as a personal appraiser with Prestige Evaluation.  

Together with my associate John Grow we offer a wide range of appraisal services including jewellery, diamond and gemstones, coins, collectables, fine art, antiques, vintage cars, books and more. 

We work with estates, divorce settlements, insurance claims, charities for tax deduction purposes and individuals who need to know what a object is worth. 

One of the things I enjoy most about the gem and mineral world are the local gem and mineral shows. For several years now I have been a trader at these shows.  It is a fun activity for the entire family.  The best is when kids come to my booth and fall in love with rocks and start their own collections. I specialize in selling gemstone material and glow in the dark rocks.  if you are interested in attending one of these events you can check out my show schedule here at   After the fall show season I like to put some of my inventory on

Kids Discover with Sue  is the passion project that came from the joy of introducing my kids to the world of geology and gemology.  It started as a few short videos online during the pandemic and has evolved into a K through 6 classroom enrichment program.  This STEM program not only teaches the geology aspect of their curriculum it also introduces them to a variety of scientific concepts and methodologies such as using magnetism, UV light, light refraction and water displacement as ways to identification rocks and minerals.  

This is a hands on program where kids get to touch the rocks and fossils and do their own testing.  I bring fossils. volcanic rocks, crystals and everyone favorite glow in the dark rocks into the examine with real kid friendly scientific instruments. 

As an entrepreneur for the last 30 plus years I have learned many skills, such as project management, web design, graphic design and content creation.  In recent years I have been able to add author and ghostwriter to the list. At the onset of the pandemic I wrote the book "New Normal, Working from home and loving it!"  The book was written in 24 hours and has been sold and given away to over 1000 people in the first months of the pandemic as a way to help people reorient themselves to the new reality of creating a home office and working remote.  Something I have done for over 18 years now. 


Since publishing my book I have ghost written 3 more books and over 80 blog posts on a variety of subjects.   I have build 7 websites not including my own sites.  I have designed several book covers and tradeshow booths as well over the years.  

As my life changes so does my career.  It is exciting and challenging to do what I love and it brings me so much joy when what I do brings value to others. 

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